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How to Make Money with Clickbank


Are you wondering that how to make money with Clickbank? Do you want to learn everything related to Affiliate Marketing? Do you want to make handsome income with Clickbank?Then congrats, you are reading the right post and you are at the right place. Now you are going to read each and every thing related to this topic.

Ultimate Guide for how to make money with CLICKBANK

We all people know that there are unlimited ways to earn a lot of money online. People earn money by doing freelance work, Blogging, E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing and much much more. But, the thing is, first you have to learn the skills and work when you have to give a try to any online work. Doing Affiliate Marketing is also very profitable and has huge potential if you work with hard work and learn it before.

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What is Affiliate Marketing


In simple words, it is a type of marketing in which businesses pay to their marketers when they bring customers to their sites and then customers purchase any product, or they subscribe or for any other action. Affiliate marketers use many methods for this purpose. It can be done by giving links in their blog, by social media, by advertisement or by E-mail marketing. Many brands have their own Affiliate programs and many use affiliate networks like Clickbank, we are going to discuss. The affiliate networks offer up o 70% of the total money earned by the customer through your source and efforts.

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There are four major roles in Affiliate Marketing.

  1. Brand: That want to promote their Brand.
  2. Network: That offers affiliate programs, like ClickBank.
  3. Publisher: That promotes the affiliates or products.
  4. Customer: That performs an action (Sign-up, Purchase, or any action that is required by Brand) by affiliate links provided by Publisher.


ClickBank is reputed, famous and highly recommended  Product Affiliate Marketplace. You can find products of almost any type to be promoted and earn money. So this is the benefit of Clickbank that you can find every product of your choice that you can promote easily and without any problem. All types of products can be chosen like Sports, Health, Mobile, Any Gadgets, Hosting, Business investing opportunities,  Travel, and SEO.

Here are some PROS. and CONS. Clickbank.


  • High paying offers (75% commission is common).
  • Sell the product to almost all the world.
  • Several recurring offers to sell, for ongoing income.
  • Products of all type are available.


  • Too many products confuse what to choose.
  • Very high Competition.
  • You have to invest for traffic.

How to make Money With Clickbank- Important Tips

make money wih clickbank

Here is the ultimate guide how to make money with Clickbank. Read this guide and boost your ClickBank sales.

1: Unique Content

If you are running a products review blog, then you must write totally unique content if you want to rank it in search engines, drive traffic and engage more purchases through your affiliate links. You have to be honest with Search Engines because SE are smarter than us and they are improving their algorithms day by day. So, you have to write a totally unique content. The article must be 600 words long and for an ideal product review, you must include 1000 to 2500 words. Also include pictures, videos, and other related media if necessary.

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2: Target Geographic Traffic

The more traffic you will drive to your product, more customer you will get. And if you will target geographic traffic it will also boost sales. In stead of targeting a single country or region, you must target the whole world traffic. For this purpose, you can use Facebook Pages, Google Adwords, your blog and E-mail Marketing strategy.

  • Post regularly on your Facebook page and Boost it using Facebook Advert to engage people and hence get more sales.
  • Using Google Adwords for advertising your product, do perfect Keyword research and target Long tail Keyword.
  • If you are using the blog for this purpose, do perfect SEO of your blog.
  • Doing E-mail marketing for this purpose, try to get real E-mail list and don’t let your E-mails to spam of targetted person’s phone.


3: Use Coupons & Discounts

Make a website for coupons and discounts. Doing this will attract visitors to purchase from your link as you are giving a discount. A lot of Affiliate Marketers are making smart income by Coupon websites.


4: Focus on single Niche

Focusing on a single niche is considered beneficial in affiliate marketing especially for beginners as it is a bit difficult to focus on more than one niches. Choose the niche of your interest as well as of customer’s interest. When you think that you can manage more than one, then also go for others also.

5: Social Media & Forums

For promoting your product use social media power and submit regularly to the forums of related niche. You must not ignore Social media power if you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing. Make a Brand name of your Social medias (Facebook Page, BuyandSell Group, Twitter ) and regularly post there. Also, share your recently received reviews on social media platforms.

6: Pick a Right Product

Here are the things one should consider important while choosing a product for selling at Clickbank.


  • product must have low-cost initial offer.
  • Video sales pages & “native” sales pages (pages that feel like content)
  • Choose a product which received good reviews before
  • Gravity not below 20
  • Select the trending products on the internet.


So, this was the perfect guide to make money with ClickBank. I simply explained Affiliate Marketing and ClickBank.Then I explained some tips that how you can make money with ClickBank and boost your sales. If you have any questions, Plese ask in the Comment section. I will be happy to answer.

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