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How to Get Google Adsense Approval for New Blog or Website


Displaying ads on your blog or site is a profitable way of earning online. There are many advertisement networks that give ads from marketers to website owners. Google Adsense is one of them. I have seen many new bloggers saying that I have applied for Google Adsense, but my application was rejected.So, here is the complete article to understand why Google reject your application. So here you will learn, how to get google adsense approval for new blog or website.


Why is Google Adsense better than other Ad networks?

Google AdSense is better than other ad networks because;

  • You can easily setup Google AdSense.
  • You can setup one account on all of your websites and blogs.
  • They have a very good support 24/7.
  • You will get instant payment mean no fraud.
  • It is a well-known ad network.
  • Advertisers trust this ad network more than any other.
  • Work easily with it without any technical skills.
  • It pays good earning.
  • Charming and good looking ad formats or widgets.
  • It knows the need of marketers and shows relative ads.

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So here are some tips to follow to approve Google AdSense on a new blog.

1. Have enough content.

When visitors visit your blog, what they need? Off course, they need content to read. Also if you need Google AdSense to be approved on your blog, you must have enough content. Also, Google AdSense need content on the blog to approve AdSense. Usually, they disapprove Adsense due to this reason. So, be patient and publish enough articles, minimum 15 to 20 before applying.

Tip: Videos, Audio, images are also content.

2. Quality Content.

Content is King“, in this proverb, content doesn’t mean spun, duplicate, boring and unuseful stuff.It must be unique, interesting and useful. Google Adsense considers both quantity and “quality” of the content while reviewing your blog. So, it is necessary to publish articles of quality that meet the requirements of them. Quality content’s qualities are stated below;

  • Articles must be of more than 500 words minimum.
  • Articles must be unique and not spun or duplicate ( Google is smarter than you).
  • No Grammer mistakes.
  • User-friendly and well written.
  • .Covers complete topic.

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3. Prohibited Content

If you are using publishing the following content, then you have to choose any one, either Google AdSense or that inappropriate stuff. Goole will not allow Adsense following type of content;

  • Porn or Sex (Adult Stuff)
  • Hate Speech
  • Duplicate Content
  • Hacking Stuff
  • Crack/Nulled stuff
  • Sales or promoting Beer or Alcohol
  • Illegal stuff
  • Weapons sales related Content

4. Publish Important Pages.

Write important pages like Terms of Services, Privacy Policy and Contact Us. If you have Terms of Services page on your blog, it shows the author is aware of the needs of visitors. If you haven’t published a Privacy Policy page before applying for Google AdSense for a new blog then publish. Having the Privacy Policy page published on your blog or site is also the requirements of the Google. Contact Us page is also good for user experience. If visitors want to get in touch with you, they can do it by using Contact Us page on your blog. If your site contains all these pages, your site will look professional and will give a good impression to Google.

5. Create About Us Page:

Having an about us page shows this site is being run by a real person whose information is given here. It also shows professionalism. How a website can be professional without its publisher bio or even name.

About Us page has a major role in any website. And if you are going to apply for Adsense you must include this page on your website.

About Us page describes who are you and also visitor can know that whose content are we reading daily.

6. Good Website Design

If you are applying for Adsense, your blog design will matter a lot. You need user-friendly and also Adsense friendly design for your blog that will help you to approve Google Adsense on a new blog. For engaging your visitor, you have to give them the first good impression. You can do it easily if your site design is simple, interesting and time-saving.It represents your professionalism and expertise. Take your time and design your blog. Use good looking and professional theme for this purpose. You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying the themes. A good WordPress theme can be purchased for 60 $ or less. Even you can The qualities of a good website design are following;

Take your time and design your blog. Use good looking and professional theme for this purpose. You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying the themes. A good WordPress theme can be purchased for 60 $ or less. Even you can use free but good themes for your blog. Just google and you will find a lot of free themes. The qualities of a good website design are following;

  • Adsense Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Fast loading
  • Not unprofessional look
  • No useless widgets or any other stuff like this in sidebar and footer.
  • Easy to navigate
  • Proper pages and Menus.

7. Search Engine Friendly

It is very important to make your blog Search Engine Friendly if you want to approve Goole Adsense on your blog. Optimize the blog content with meta tags, meta description, and titles. When Google robot crawls your site. these me tags help it to understand what topic your article is about. So optimize your articles with above meta. Do not write meta title of more than 69 characters and for meta description use less than 169 characters. Avoid Grammer mistakes.

8. Apply with Root Domain

Applying with root domain increases your chance to approve Google Adsense.

Now Yourdomain.com is a root domain ( Apply using this ),  while blog.yourdomain.com is not a root domain.

Use root domain for Adsense approval instead of another one.

9. Media shouldn’t be Copyrighted.

This is the point, you must be serious about. What do we bloggers do? We give a lot of time writing content but when we think about media, we just copy content from Google and publish it on our sites. And this is not the good thing in the eyes of Google robot. If we will use copyrighted content the Adsense approval will be difficult to approve on our blog. If you are copying media from Google or any other source, make sure that it is not copyrighted.

Copywrited is that content that you have copied from any source but the owner of that media didn’t give you permission to do so.

Copy media especially pictures from anywhere but edit them using photoshop or any other photo software so that it doesn’t look like the original one and also do your work. After editing you can use it on your blog and website.

Also, there are a lot of websites that give you royalty free pictures and short videos in different formats like vectors and illustrations. One of such sites is PixaBay.

10. The blog must be 6 Months Old (for specific regions only).

That’s what google says about it;

In some locations, we may require your site to have been active for at least six months before it will be considered. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

Source Google.

So if you are from China or India your site must be 6 months old to be eligible to apply for Adsense. By the way, I have seen many blogs that approved Adsense less than this period.

11. Check malware in your Site.

Most of the Authors containing malware don’t know that their site is infected by malware. Some of them even don’t know what is malware. But if you will apply for Adsense, will be rejected because your site contains malware.

Term Malware is used for software in sites to steal data from visitors, spreading viruses or doing spam using this software.

If you want to know that either your site is malware infected or not. Scan the website by Scanners used for this purpose. After scanning your website and making sure that the site is malware free, apply for it.

12. Apply at your own site.

You have to apply for your own website. You can access site’s HTML because google will give a code and you have to put it in the header area. Of course, if it is not your site, you cannot put this code.When

When applying for Adsense, put you Name and other details like Email to confirm that you are really the author of this website. It will help Google to confirm your identity.

13. You must be 18 plus.

As Google Adsense requirement, you must be 18 plus, to be eligible for it. Some Bloggers don’t give attention to it and realize their mistake after receiving disapproval E-mail without any legitimate reason in their inbox.

So be careful while giving your birthday details. And if you are under 18 and want to apply for it, then the thing you can do is not to give your real birthday details.

14. Don’t place other ad networks.

If you are using other ad networks like Chitika, media.net, infolinks, please remove them while applying for Google Adsense. They do not list in their requirement for applying for AdSense that we will not approve your request if you are using any other ad network on the same site. But they do not approve the request for approval containing ads from other networks.

Google doesn’t want the visitor to confuse between it and other ad networks.

So before applying for it, remove all other networks ads and don’t place them until you get a response from them. After your request is approved you can place other networks ads on the same website.


15. Your backlinks must be spam free.

The backlinks to your site must not be spammy. Especially avoid getting links from porn related websites. Instead, make backlinks from authority sites. But use your mind while making backlinks. Google is smarter than us. Don’t try to spam while making backlinks.

16. Use good Server(No Downtime).

Bloggers and website Authors face this problem because they are not aware that cheap hosting will give you cheap results. Especially, when you are purchasing cheap shared hosting. It really hurts when you purchase all the things, wasted time in writing content and designing of your blog. Every thing was perfect but hosting became a problem.

Suppose you have applied for Adsense and after 2 days your site’s server is down and at the same time the person from Google was checking your site, but when he wanted to open your site he can’t. So, what he or she will do? He will simply reject your request.

So, to avoid this always purchase high quality and with 99.9 % uptime hosting providers. It can expensive but reliable hosting.


17. Supported Languages.

At the time of publication of this post, AdSense supports the following 40 languages. So if you are writing in any other language not listed below, your Adsense account can not be approved.

Arabic Greek Romanian
Bulgarian Hebrew Russian
Chinese (simplified) Hindi Serbian
Chinese (traditional) Hungarian Slovak
Croatian Indonesian Slovenian
Czech Italian Spanish
Danish Japanese Swedish
Dutch Korean Thai
English Latvian Turkish
Estonian Lithuanian Ukrainian
Filipino Malay Urdu
Finnish Norwegian Vietnamese
French Polish
German Portuguese

18. Not banned from Adsense before.

If your domain and even IP address are banned previously from AdSense, your Google Adsense request will be rejected. If your blog was accepted for publishing Adsense ads on your blog but then banned, it means you cannot use it again on that domain. You can try Google Adsense Alternatives.

Also, before buying expired domain or website from any person, first check if it is not banned for Adsense.Also sometimes, your IP address can also be blacklisted by Google. If so, then your request will not be accepted, unless your IP address is OK.

19. Make Site easy to Navigate.

If you want Adsense to be approved on your blog, Your site shouldn’t be hard to navigate.If the user wants to go to the home page you must have provided a Home button, so that user click on it and go to the Home page, instead of wasting time and finding another way to go home page. It will affect user experience and if the user cannot go to a specific topic or article, he will stop searching in your site and will go anywhere else. It will increase your site’s bounce rate. To make the navigation perfect;

  • Add all important categories in the navigation menu.
  • Add a Search button, so users can search on your website.
  • Tags widget can also help in this regard.


So that was some points that you have to consider before applying for Adsense. I have mentioned and discussed all the 20 points that are considered important by many webmasters for Google AdSense. You just have to read the article, make your blog according to this and then apply for Adsense and then you will be able to approve Adsense on a new blog.

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