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How to Find Free Unique Content for Your Blog ( 5+ Ways )


If you running a website or blog then you need to post articles regularly to engage your visitors. Now if you have enough time and skills and time that you can write enough content for your website or blog then it is good, but if you don’t have enough time due to any reason and you cannot write for your blog. It can badly affect your site rank and user experience. So you need to know about these guides that will help you to find free unique content for you. Yes, it is Possible, Keep reading.

In this article, I will show you the following ways that will prove ” how to find free content for the blog ” has a positive answer.

  • Using Expired Domains that were Good Blogs in Past but not now.
  • Giving “Write for Us” or “Guest Post” Opportunity.
  • Using Blog Directory Sites Articles
  • Unique and Free Content From YouTube.
  • Content Syndication.
  • List of Sites for legal, unique and free content.

1. From Expired Domains ( Deindexed Web sites)

Yes, you can grab free content from websites or blogs that had awesome content in the past but due to any reason these sites are not published now and also, it will be great if the site is deindexed from google. So what you have to do is, to go to www.expireddomains.net, now if you are looking for health related domains, that you are going to use them for content grabbing. Search keywords related to Health niche and then press ENTER, You will get a list of expired domains.

After pressing ENTER you will get a list of expired domains. Select that domain that was expired more time ago.

Now select any domain of your choice and then go to https://archive.org/web/. Paste the domain here and ENTER.



After some loading, it will show a calendar showing the way back of the site at different dates. Click on the latest one. After clicking, it will show you that how the site was looking in the past.

Click on any post of the site to see the post. The site will not be shown in the Search engines as it is not running by its owner anymore.

Now copy the post in your Computer, if website or blog, from where you are grabbing the content is deindexed in the search engines, you can copy to your blog.

2.Unique and Free Content From YouTube.

Yes, you can also get content from YouTube Easily.This is the easiest way to get totally unique and free content for your blog. And I think there is no any copyright issue using this technique for free content as this content is not published anywhere else.  Another benefit of using this method is that there is almost every niche on YouTube so you can find every niche related auricles here, free of cost and unique.It is the most used technique used by content writers or freelancers at different platforms.The content is unique and without any copyright, because google do not index it.

So for this purpose, just go to www.youtube.com search for any video related to your topic. When video will start, click on cc (subtitles/closed captions) button. Then you will see the see the subtitle at bottom of the video. Then click one more button below the video and select Transcript. The transcript will be shown and from here you have to copy this and after reviewing the content you can now post it on your blog.

There is another way you can copy articles from any video no matter from YouTube or any other video is;

  • Search video of your choice and topic on any other platform.
  • Listen to the video.
  • Now learn this topic.
  • Write this on your blog as you have learned enough by viewing the video.

3.Giving “Write for Us” or “Guest Post” Opportunity.

You can also invite article writers or bloggers to write for your blog free of cost by giving them a link to their blog in the article. You can have this type of opportunities only if your blog is ranked and good domain authority and also it will be great if your blog has the good Alexa rank. The blog that has very good blog rank, they charge money by giving a guest post on their blog.The only thing you need first is a well-ranked blog. You have to place an option like “Write or Us” or “Guest Post” to attract content writers. From where they will contact you and send you the articles.

4.Using Blog Directory Sites Articles

You can have the articles to be published on your blog from Article Directories. You can have permission from the owner (The Writer) of that post to publish his article to your blog. The only thing writer will want from you is to not edit the article and its links and also you have to give the author bio at the end of the article.

5.Content Syndication

Content syndication means you are re-publishing previously published article again on your blog. Can you believe there is no legal issue if you are publishing the content by the permission of that blog owner or by using fair usage policy? However, it is also true that the content grabbed by this method will not be SEO friendly as it is already published and indexed. The only benefit is that if you don’t have time you can use this technique to make your blog alive.

6. Sites for Bloggers And Marketers

These are websites where Marketers and bloggers contact each other. Bloggers get content and Marketers get links or advertisement through the articles.Here is the list of these type of websites.

  1. Article Base.
  2. Post Runner
  3. My Blog Guest
  4. Content BLVD
  5. Post Joint

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