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Top 20 Google Adsense Alternatives in 2017

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So here is the complete guide of the top Google Adsense Alternatives in 2017. You are tired of applying again and again for Adsense but still getting rejected. No worries, Just read the article and choose any one or more Google Adsense Alternatives and start earning by your blog or website today. You will read Advantages as well as Disadvantages of every Google Adsense Alternative one by one.

Why Choose Google AdSense Alternatives

Webmaster explained many reasons in the favor of Google Adsense Alternatives.Some of them are stated below:

  • You need enough content to be eligible for Google Adsense, but some of the Google Adsense alternatives don’t require this.
  • Sometimes Google bans your account without giving any reason.
  • Google Adsense has strict rules, if you will o against any rule, your Adsense will be disabled from the site, no matter how old is your account or how popular is your site.
  • If you are a beginner, it will be quite difficult for you to approve Google Adsense on your blog. So you must try Google Adsense Alternatives.
  • Webmasters say that, if you have designed your website that is not Adsense-friendly, you may have to change your website design to make your website eligible for Google Adsense.
  • If your site is banned by Google then you must try Google Adsense Alternatives.

Types of Ads

First of all, we will know what types of ads are used in online platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.These are the types of Ads, let’s have a look.These are the types of Ads, let’s have a look. Targeted Text Ads: When a person searches on Google a specific keyword, these ads are shown above or below. In-Text: This type of ads contain image, text or video when you hover at a specific keyword. Display ads: These ads are shown in website or blog when you are reading content and it contains banners and text as according to advertiser’s choice. Banner: These are your typical image ads you see on many sites. They can be just the image or an image with a text line above or below it. Sizes range from button size to half page and come in all orientations. [alert type=”info” icon-size=”normal”]There are some other ad types used in video sites and apps.[/alert]

1. Media.net

Media.net is the ad network by Yahoo and Bing. They have enough number of Advertisers and marketers.It is known as second largest ad network after Google Adsense. Advertisers trust Media.net, as it has good customer support. You don’t need to drive too much traffic to your blog or website to be eligible for Media.net, the best Google Adsense Alternative.


  1. Second big and trusted ad network in the universe.
  2. Awesome Support 24/7.
  3. Illegal websites are not allowed to advertise.
  4. Easy to apply and setup.
  5. Easy ads placement.
  6. Awesome ads formats.
  7. No issue of minimum content as Adsense.
  8. Offering referral program for some extra money.


  1. It has no WordPress Plugin.
  2. If you are a publisher your primary language must be English.
  3. No real time metrics.
  4. Very hard policies.
  5. It can also ban your account without stating any reason.

2.Amazon Display Ads

This is the advertisement network of the well-known company Amazon. It pays high revenue shares to their publishers and they have a very good customer support. It shows related product ads, according to the niche of your website.


  1. Good customer support
  2. Different ad formats
  3. Unlimited products to advertise.
  4. Minimum Payment is just 10$.


  1. Not very good revenue share.
  2. Payment is not through PayPal.

3.Infolinks It is also well-known ad network as it pays good CPC and CPM. New bloggers use this ad network because you don’t need to worry about minimum traffic requirements. It is too much d-good for Tier-1 countries.


  1. Best for good traffic blog for some extra bunch.
  2. Normal Customer Support.
  3. Best for Tier 1 countries.
  4. A lot of Payment methods including Western Union, Payoneer, Paypal, BankWire, eCheck, and ACH.


  1. No monitor system for affiliates links.
  2. Mostly shows Facebook ads, as it doesn’t have a lot number of advertisers.
  3. They pay only 60% of the revenue.
  4. You have to make another account for your every blog or site.


AdversalIf your site is getting more than 50,000 views per month, then this network is very good for some extra money. They offer different types of ads especially, pop ups. It pays on an impression basis. Publishers have full access to the stats of their revenue.


  1. Fast Approval.
  2. Many ad types.
  3. Available PayPal for Payment.
  4. Minimum payment is 20$.
  5. On time Payment.
  6. Referral income of 10% means some extra money.


  1. Can reject the application if traffic is less than 50,000 per month.
  2. The primary language of the publisher must be English.
  3. You need to update your site.


It was published as an advertisement network back in 2003. If you are a newbie, it can be one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives for you. It has a very large number of advert Chitika is also known for its good CPC. It works similar to Google Adsense.


  1. Well-known and good reputation.
  2. Minimum payment is just 10$, which is great for newbies.
  3. Also offering Referral Program.
  4. You can use one account on any of your sites, just like Adsense.


  1. Not user-friendly ad formats.
  2. Only payment through PayPal and Bank wire.


It is a bit different ad network. It sounds like affiliate marketing by the help of these ads. You just have to apply for it on your blog and that’s it.They will convert your keywords to affiliate links.For example, if you have written about tooth decay, they will convert some of your keywords to the affiliate links about medicines can be used for the treatment of tooth decay. Now you don’t have to track the keyword or any thing else.The rest is on them, Viglink. It offers in text ads offering company. It was founded in 2009 and it is also well-known and one of the reputed Google Adsense Alternatives.



  1. High revenue percentage 75%.
  2. On time Payments.
  3. Extra affiliate Commission.
  4. Offers Plugins.
  5. Supports for blogs and forums.


  1. Low revenue for Tier 2 countries
  2. Payment method is only PayPal.
  3. Revenue updates can be late.


Having high rating SkimLinks also one of the good Google Adsense Alternatives. This ad network’s method of advertisement is similar to VigLink. It works just like VigLink. It pays good revenue o the publishers.


  1. High CTR.
  2. Minimum payout amount is 10$.
  3. Also, you can use its WordPress Plugin.
  4. You can receive payment through PayPal.


  1. Page loading is slow.
  2. Not well-known and reputed ad network, so they have limited number of advertisers.


It is also an ad network offering attractive CPM rates. This Google Adsense Alternative pays high rates to their publishers. It offers different types of ads on the blogs and websites, so you can publish the ads according to your choice.


  1. High CPM, CPC and CPA rates.
  2. Many Payment Methods
  3. Very good Customer Support 24/7.
  4. Payment can be the weekly basis.
  5. Different types of Ad formats.


  1. You need High traffic for Adsterra.
  2. Minimum payout amount is 100$.
  3. Low revenue if traffic is not from Usa, UK OR oter Tier-1 countries.


It is an online ad network that offers pop-under ads. This is how when a new website is clicked and a new tab open. It offers different types of ads like pop under ads, slider ads, lightbox ads and much more.


  1. A lot of countries for marketers and advertisers.
  2. Good Customer Support.
  3. Different types of ads.
  4. Too many methods of payment.


  1. It doesn’t have live chat support.

10. AdBuff

It’s one of the best ad network. It has many unique and attractive features, that attracts bloggers to join this network. It uses the best technology that is best for both publisher and advertiser as well.


  1. It offers weekly bonus and sign up bonus.
  2. Real time updates of every thing.
  3. High revenue shares.


  1. High Traffic requirements.
  2. Not very well-known network.

11.Revenue Hits

This well reputed network was established in 2008 in Israel. It has a large number of advertisers and publishers. You don’t need any minimum number of traffic to monetize your blog and also you can monetize any kind of content.


  1. Many types of ad units.
  2. Very easy to get approved by revenue hits.
  3. Good for entertainment niche.
  4. Large ads network.
  5. Many payment methods.


  1. Some ads are not user-friendly.


It’s an another Canada based ad network. It offers in-text links, banners, pop-unders, interstitial ads. It offers CPV, CPC, CPM, cost per interstitial (CPI) to their publishers.


  1. Many ads units.
  2. Good revenue shares.
  3. Minimum Payout is 50$.


  1. 50% Tier-1 countries traffic is required and 5000 page views per day are also mandatory.
  2. Focuses only Tier-1 countries.


Bidvertiser is one of the best Google Adsense Alternaives. Very old network and also successfully doing their job. It is a trusted network for both publishers and advertisers. Many ds units are offered by bidvertiser.


  1. 100% ads fill rate.
  2. Not strict rules for approval.
  3. Good revenue shares.
  4. PayPal, Bank Wire and also Payza are available for payment.
  5. Automatic network approval.


  1. Not good income for Tier-2 countries.
  2. Not content relaed ads.
  3. Sometimes bad user experience.

14. PopAds

It is very good for low traffic blog and new bloggers. If your blog is rejected by Adsense try this,hecause it has very easy rules.


  1. Minimum payment just 5$, good for newbies.
  2. Not very srict rules.
  3. Illegal ads are not allowed.


  1. Not live Customer Support.
  2. Low revenue.


PopmyAds is also very good ad network for beginners just like PopAds. It is an pop*under ad network establised in 2011. It has good number of advertisers. It also offers 100% ads fill rate.


  1. Real time statistics.
  2. Minimum payout just 5$.
  3. Review time is just 12 hours.
  4. Accept all countries.
  5. High revenue.


  1. Not content related ads.

16.PropellerAds Media

PropellerAds is known as good Google Adsense Alternative. It is very gor blogs to be monetized. It was founded in 2011. It pays their publishers for every 1000 impressions. It has a large number of advertisers. It also ccept almost all niches. It is very good for new bloggers.


  1. Instant account approval.
  2. No minimum Payment.
  3. Reputed ad network
  4. 80% revenue share, which is more than Adsense.
  5. A lot of Payment methods.
  6. 404 page can also be monetized with ads.


  1. It doesn’t support PayPal as payment method,I don’t know, why? but it is big fault of this network.
  2. Some times , poor user experience, due to pop-under and full screen ads.

17.BuySell Ads

Well reputed Google Adsense Alternative, BuySellAds, is best ad network nowdays. You don’t need minimum traffic on your blog to be eligible for BuySellAds.


  1. Minimum payout is 20$.
  2. Well-known ad network for both advertisers and publishers.
  3. No illegal ads are accepted.
  4. No problem of traffic, so any one can monetize, you just need a blog and some content.


  1. Not live stats.

18. Taboola

google adsense alternatives

Taboola is an online ad network recommended by many webmasters as Google Adsense Alternative. It is contexual ad network that offers attractive CTR rates to their publishers.


  1. Good revenue.
  2. More traffic means more revenue.
  3. Recommended ad network.


  1. Not good for low raffic blogs.


The bottom line is this if you are new and your blog has not much traffic, also you have applied for Google Adsense but your application was not approved then you must try these Google Adsense Alternatives in the beginning. And if you are not a beginner and also your blog is Adsense approved, you must these Google Adsense Alternatives for some extra money. I have stated all of the good Google Adsense Alternatives, including their advantages and disadvantages. Now you can choose easily which of them you have to choose? Useful links If you are a beginner and cannot write articles, then read How to get free and unique content for your blog. If you are in Pakistan or any other country, where Paypal is not allowed, then Read How to make Paypal in Pakistan. If you have any question, Please ask in the comment section. Also, tell me that which Google Adsense Alternative was best and why?

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